Fall 2020 Programming - After School Social Distancing Camps (Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

We have gotten our fall permits with locations and times from Rec and Park. We have very limited space due to the health order so we will do our best to give as many kids the opportunity to join our program. We will be running 3 concurrent after school camps, each lasting a duration of 3 weeks. We are opening registration for Session #1 now.
Currently the classes are not listed on our website. We will open them up tomorrow at 7am.
Session #1 - September 14th - October 3rd (registration now open)
Session  #2 - October 5th - October 24th 
Session #3 - October 26th - November 14th 
*** If Air Quality stays bad for next week, we will just move the start dates up one week for each session. ***
SESSION #1 Registration***
Pod #1 - MWF - 2-5pm - Larsen Playground (Parkside) - Register * Ages: 1st/2nd grade
Pod #2 - TTH - 2-5pm - Larsen Playground (Parkside)- Register  * Ages: K/1st grade
Pod #3 - MWF - 2-5pm - Jackson Playground (Potrero Hill) - Register  *Ages: K/1st grade
Pod #4 - TTh - 2-5pm - Jackson Playground (Potrero Hill) - Register  *Ages: 1st/2nd grade
Pod #4 - MWF - 3-6pm - Larsen Playground (Parkside) - Register  *Ages: K/1st grade
Pod #5 - Saturday - 9am-12pm - Larsen Playground (Parkside) - Register  *Ages: 1st/2nd grade
***We are opening registration for Session #1 now. If you get waitlisted we will give you first choice for Session #2 or #3. 
Everyone will receive a SF Tots drawstring backpack with the equipment they will use for the duration of camp. Your child must bring their equipment and their own ball to camp everyday. At the end of our camp, we will collect all of the equipment, your child can keep the backpack.

To be clear, OST and Child Care Provider programs are NOT intended to be a form of team practice or sport training. They are socially distanced conditioning/workouts only. Games and scrimmages of any kind are NOT allowed; not even within the same cohort. Kids must be able to maintain social distancing. 
Kids will need:
Soccer Ball (you must bring your own ball)
Water Bottle (please make sure they have plenty of water)
We will provide an equipment kit that they will bring home and return at the end of camp